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Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to Evaluate Inventory Methods in Urban Forestry (6622 Downloads)
Selection of the Most Suitable Species in Order to Forestation in Southern Zagros Forests using AHP & TOPSIS Techniques (6384 Downloads)
Modeling the Standing Traits to Estimate Tree Volume and Biomass of Acer monspessulanum Subsp. cinerascens (Boiss.) using Multiple Regression (5298 Downloads)
Identification of Bracket Fungi and Characteristics of Their Host Trees in District І of The Shastkolateh Forest of Gorgan (4519 Downloads)
The Effects of Forest Road on Vegetation and Some Physical and Chemical Properties of Soil, Case Study: Shafarood Forests, District No.2 (3791 Downloads)
Comparison of Specific Leaf Area in Three Native Oaks of Zagros in National Botanical Garden of Iran (3562 Downloads)
Effects of Shelterwood Method on Some Important Forest Stands Features in Shafarood District Nine of Guilan (3397 Downloads)
The Evaluation of Potential Airborne Laser Scanner Data in Estimating of Individual Canopy Area and Tree Heights in Part of Educational and Research Shast-Kalate Forests - Gorgan (3378 Downloads)
Relation between Dieback of Quercus brantii Lindl. Trees with Ecological and Sylvicultural Factors, (Study Area: Dena Protected Area) (3244 Downloads)
Estimation of forest canopy density using FCD (3174 Downloads)
Identification and Introduction of Chemical Compounds in Essential Oil of Cionura Erecta Shrub Species )Case Study: Chahartagh Forest Reserve - Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province) (3168 Downloads)
Volume Increment Determination of Forest Stand Types in the District One of Dr Bahramnia Forest Management Plan, Gorgan (2904 Downloads)
Isolation and Identification of Maple Tar Spot Pathogen in Acer velutinum Trees in Dr. Bahramnia Educational and Research Forest (2901 Downloads)
Investigation on Climate Variables (Temperature and Precipitation) Effects on Annual Width Rings of Pinus brutia in Lorestan Province (2842 Downloads)
Comparison of Soil Macroelements in the Plantiation of Forest Stand in Khazar Forest Seed Center, Amol (2841 Downloads)
Effect of Reforestation with Pinus nigra Arnold, Pinus eldarica Medw. and Cupressus arizonica Greene Spices on some Properties of Soil (Case Study: Garan region, Marivan) (2809 Downloads)
Study on Ecology of Hackberry Trees (Celtis australis) in the West Forests of Guilan (Case Study: Rezvanshahr and Taniyan) (2681 Downloads)
Morphological Characteristics of Old Trees in Zagros Forests (A Case Study: Forests of Ilam province) (2641 Downloads)
Vital Reactions of Wild Pistachio Seeds (Pistacia atlantica) to Seed Priming, Scarification and Chemical Treatments (2631 Downloads)
Determining the Forest Volume Growth using Permanent Sample Plots (Case Study: Farim Forest, Jojadeh District) (2501 Downloads)
Effects of Altitude on the Growth Characteristics of Lebanon Oak (Quercus libani Olive.) in Kurdistan Province (2469 Downloads)
Study of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Salix species in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province (2388 Downloads)
Comparative investigation of Oriental Plane and White Poplar plantations near Zayanderud dam, Isfahan (2367 Downloads)
Effect of Altitude on some Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Populus Deltoids Trees (2315 Downloads)
Flora, Life Form and Chorological Study of Soil Seed Bank of Silk Tree (Albizia julibrissin Durazz.) Habitats in Forests of Mazandaran province (2308 Downloads)
The Appropriate Sampling Method for Estimating Density and Crown Canopy of Declined Oak Stands in Dinarkooh Protected Forest, Abdanan, Ilam (2290 Downloads)
Detection of Tree Species in Mixed Broad-Leaved Stands of Caspian Forests Using UAV Images (Case study: Darabkola Forest) (2287 Downloads)
Comparison of Technical and Numeral Characteristic of Road Network with a Existent Reciple in a Multiple Use Forest Management Plan, Armardah, Banah (2210 Downloads)
Flora, Life form and Chorology of Plants Species of the Arasbaran Biosphere Reserve (Case Study: Kalybarchai and Ilginechai Watershed Basins) (2203 Downloads)
Diameter Increment of Maple Tree (Acer velutinum Boiss.) in Plantations in Mazandaran (Case Study: Pahnekola Region) (2163 Downloads)
Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Land for Ecotourism Development) Case Study: Khorram-Abad Country) (2161 Downloads)
Physical and Values Damages to Felled Trees During Felling Operation (Case Study: Asalem Watershed Forests) (2130 Downloads)
Gas Exchange Parameters and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Yield in Iranian Oak (Quercus macranthera F & M) Seedling under Drought Stress in Golestan Province (2097 Downloads)
Diversity of Herbaceous and Woody Plant Species in Relation to Different Physiographic Conditions using Numerical and Parametrical Indices in Zagros Mountainous Forests (2064 Downloads)
Effective Factors on Regeneration Establishment and Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Pistacia atlantica in Different Physiographic Conditions (Case Study: Khojir National Park) (2013 Downloads)
Application of an Integrated CA-Markov Model in Simulating Spatiotemporal Changes in Forest Cover: A Case Study of Malekshahi County Forests, Ilam Province (2008 Downloads)
Estimating above Ground Carbon Storage in Urban Afforestation Using Satellite Data (Case Study: Chitgar Forest Park in Tehran) (2003 Downloads)
The Effect of Hydropriming, Halopriming and Boiling Water on Seed Germination of Black Locust (Robinia pesudoacasia L.) (1989 Downloads)
Evaluation of Growth and Morphological Parameters in two Poplar Species (P.nigra L. & P. alba L.) to Tree Growth Reveal Traits Related To Productivity (Case Study in Kermanshah, Zanjan and Esfahan Provinces) (1973 Downloads)
The Influence of Canopy Gaps Size Derived From Selective Cutting on Diversity of Herbaceous Species in Mountainous Forests of Northern Iran (A Case Study: Beech Stands of Lumiere, Asalem) (1968 Downloads)
Study of Age Effects on Growth of Beech Trees in Lomir Forest, Guilan (1965 Downloads)
Effect of Loranthus europaeus Jacq contamination on some Quantitative characteristics and nutrient uptake in Persian Oak Trees (Case study: Bankol of Ilam Province) (1933 Downloads)
Evaluation of Tourism Attract Potential of Sorkhehesar Forest Park Using Systemic Analysis Method (1904 Downloads)
Economic Valuation of Non Wood Forest Products of Ardebil Fanduglu Forest (Hazelnut Fruit Production) and its Role in Household Economics (1892 Downloads)
Study of Distance Sampling Methods Accuracy to Estimation of Mediterranean Stinkbush Species (Anagyris Foetida L.) Density (Case Study: Forests of Kasakaran, Gilanegharb) (1881 Downloads)
Effect of Thinning on the Quantitative and Qualitative Variables of Acer Velutinum Bioss (Case study: Berenjestanak Seri, Mazandaran Province) (1879 Downloads)
Spatial Evaluation of Forest Structural Features in Zagros Forests (Gahvareh Forests, Kermanshah) (1846 Downloads)
Variability of Soil Nutrients and Aggregate Stability in Different Times after Fire in Zagros Forests (Case Study: Paveh Forests) (1843 Downloads)
Selecting Appropriate Tissue Sample and Optimal Maintenance Conditions for enzymatic Investigations on Velvet Maple (Acer velutinum Boiss.) (1790 Downloads)
A Comparison of Silvicultural and Growth Characteristics of Judas tree (Cercis siliqustrum L.) in Sites, Pol-dokhtar and Shineh Lorestan Province (1720 Downloads)
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